• Guidance in Centre Layouts & Sizes.
    • We are able to provide clarity & strategic guidance when piecing together a new retail development. Our relationship & understanding of both national & regional retailers allows us to provide a layout that will serve the needs of the community, retailer & developer.
  • Offers & Lease agreements.
    • Our internal structures provide an intense & stringent vetting process which alleviates risk & will complete the leasing process without complication. We also ensure that our documents are relevant & accurate in accordance to the SAPOA & legal governing bodies.  
  • Tenant Allowance Management.
    • By integrating the lease negotiation into specification / allowance management our team is able to maximise efficiency & clarity during development & execution of store build. Our understanding of all the national retailers’ latest specifications ensures our accuracy when managing the process from conception to completion.
  • Income Schedules.
    • Our format & rental outlines will provide a realistic & sound platform. Our research & analytical data will allow us to compile a development specific rent schedule that will provide a target tenant mix suitable to the development & the community it will serve. The income is derived from internal intellectual property that has proven to be accurate from our track record of successful developments. Our schedules provide the essential data to manage & source vital statistics & follow the developments evolving nature from start to finish.
  • Assistance & Guidance in Tenant Mixes.
    • When providing a tenant mix our attention is drawn to the majority LSM (living standard measure) of the area & the future government & private developments occurring in the community. We then populate a centre layout plan in accordance to what will balance the shopping centre from one end to the other & at the same time accurately stipulating the GLA (gross lettable area) of each store. We ensure that the centre has the essential services / entertainment / fashion & grocery component that will provide longevity for the centre & return for the developer.

Multiple Disciplinary Offerings