Tenant Co-ordination

Tenant Co-ordination:

  • Compile new Tenant criteria documents for both National and Non National Tenants.
  • Compile Routing Schedule as per letting plan (ongoing).
  • Forward introduction documentation to Lessee.
  • Forward reminder documentation to Lessee.
  • Scrutinising the Lessee information and compile necessary documentation.
  • Approve Lessee information and forward documentation to tenant.
  • Approve Lessee internal bulkhead signage information and forward documentation to tenant.
  • Start co-ordination process and circulated between consultants.
  • Compile all information from consultants and prepare final co-ordination pack.
  • Compile Lessee costing with QS and Lessor.
  • Agree costing with Lessee and sign off.
  • Handover documentation pack and issue to the Lessee.
  • Issue Area Certificate to Lessee, measured off plan as per SAPOA.
  • Issue handover pack to centre management.

Multiple Disciplinary Offerings